Season 8 Info for 2022-2023 Season!

Tumbling and Stunt Clinics for Evaluation Day May 16 - 20

Evaluation Day
May 21st

Team Placements
May 22nd

Summer Practice Begins
June 1st


Team Camps begin July 11!

Beach Conditioning Camp July 11-15

Mandatory Stunt Camp July 18-22

Overnight Camp July 26-28th

Practice Times

Our practice days and times depend on which team your child is placed on. Our younger teams practice earlier in the afternoon and our Junior and Senior teams practice later in the evening.

Vacation Times - Gym Closed

Summer Break: Jun 24 -July 10
Memorial Day May 30
Labor Day September 5th
Halloween October 31
Thanksgiving: November 21-25
Christmas and New Years: December 19-Jan 1
Presidents Day Feb 20
Days canceled by staff due to competitions, performances, special events at our facilities, staff training, clinics, or other days that the staff determines must be canceled.
*We do not prorate tution based on days off or canceled, just as we do not increase tution when we have extra pratice days in a month.

*We do not take any days off except for the dates listed above.

Monthly Fees:

Novice Team Tuition
$100 per month (One 1 hour classes per week)
Travel required (not included in comp fee)

Prep Team Tuition
$175 per month (Two 1.5 hour practices per week, includes 1 tumbling class)
Travel required (not included in comp fee)
*Current athletes recieve a $25 returners discount on tuition.

Youth Elite Team and Prep 3.2 Tuition
$225 per month (Two 2 hour practices per week plus 1 required tumbling class)
Travel required (not included in comp fee)
*Current athletes recieve a $25 returners discount on tuition.

Junior and Senior Elite Team Tuition
$245 per month (5.5 hours cheer practice per week plus 1 required tumbling class)
Travel required (not included in comp fee)
*Current athletes recieve a $25 returners discount on tuition.

One time fees:

$325 (estimate) Uniform and bow (prep and elite teams only)

$75 Registration Fee (covers team expenses)
$50 Music fee prep and elite $250 Choreography fee (prep and elite teams only)
$395 Overnight Camp (optional, due June 1)
$49 USASF Fee (paid before first comp in December)
$250 Novice Competition Fees per Season
$500-$600 Prep Competition Fees per Season
$800-$1000 Elite Competition Fees per Season

Practicewear for next season is mandatory and includes a hot pink FCA sports bra, tank or FCA Program Tshirt and Navy blue or black tight fitting shorts and cheer bow. All items are available to purchase in the proshop.

*all competitions and the TWO weeks prior to competition are mandatory, the full season competition schedule has not been released yet.

Important Info

* Competitive cheer is a HUGE commitment! Unlike other team sports, where a substitute can easily be thrown in, cheer does not have ANY SUBSTITUTES and any absense significantly affects the entire team. Please talk with your child about the level of commitment it takes to be a succesful athlete in our program. We are what we repeatedly do, so if we want to have great competition routines, we have to have great practices, and great practices are based on having the maximum number of athletes at the maximum amount of practices. There are few excused practices: contagious illnesses with a doctor’s note, school graded events and family emergencies. Our practices are scheduled so that athletes may participate in both school and All-Star cheerleading. However, other sports or work that conflict with practices, are NOT excused. Given the nature of this sport, if a conflict with an outside sport arises, cheerleaders must be willing to put their squad first.

Unexcused missed practices will result in a $50 fee. Missing practice the week of a competition, extra practice or choreography session will result in a $100 fee. These charges cover the costs of extra practices that result from low attendances. (Charges will not be enforced until school is back in session in August). Planned absences after school starts, or for non vacation events, such as doctors appointments, must be communicated to the cheer department at least two weeks prior to the planned absence. Unplanned absences such as sicknesses should be communicated to the Cheer Director via email, NOTE: Communicating your absences does not necessarily excuse the absence
* All fees paid are non-refundable should an athlete quit mid-season
* Monthly tuition, due the 25th of each month, is not prorated for months that include breaks.
* If you are unable/ unwilling to pay tuition using our Auto-Pay system, there will be a $10 handling fee added to your tuition rate.
* If you are paying by credit card a 3% processing fee will added to your payments.

There is a $500 CANCELLATION FEE for any child that quits, is removed or does not follow the rules and guidelines of our program anytime between August 1, 2022 to the end of the competition season, with no refunds of any tuition, practice wear, uniform or additional fees. Drops have a huge negative impact on the other squad members and create additional choreography expenses and extra practice cost... you should join only with the intent of completing the season. Lastly a 30-day notice is also required for a member to drop, including end of season and must be submitted by email to

We strive to create an environment at FCA that feels safe and loving, yet disciplined. We feel that our athletes deserve to be respected and trained well. While we expect to them to work hard and do their very best, we do not emphasize competition as the primary purpose of our program. What we are trying to accomplish is changing the culture of the cheerleading world and make a lasting impact for Christ. We believe in modesty, humility and compassion over everything else.
When we compete, our desire for victory is innocently sought, but the desire for others' defeat is not. Christians should be people who are compassionate toward their opponents, even admiring their God-imaging abilities in the process of competition. It also follows here that we will carry some amount of delight in their victory, even as we experience the proper disappointment of defeat. We "rejoice with those who rejoice, and mourn with those who mourn."

As Christians, we are called to use our gifts to reach others for Christ.
In all that we do, we do unto the Lord.

To God the Glory!!!!!!


Can't make Evaluations? Please call to schedule your private evaluation.