FCA Cheer
Competitive Cheerleading Ages 5-18

2020-2021 Season Evaluations

Cheer Clinic May 18-21, 2021


(applied toward registration fee)

4-5 pm 5-8 year olds
5-6:30 pm 9-11 year olds
6:30-8 pm 12-18 year olds

Evaluation Day May 23, 2020

10-11am 5-8 year olds
11-12pm 9-11 year olds
12-1pm 12-18 year olds

Mandatory Parent Meeting During Evaluations

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FCA CHeerleader

FCA Cheer is a Sport-Specific Ministry of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes of San Diego. We are located in the north county coastal area and have athletes from Vista, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Rancho Santa Fe, Solana Beach and Del Mar. We offer a youth competitive cheer program with team levels ranging from Level 1 to Level 3, ages 4 -17. FCA Cheer welcomes girls and boys brand new to cheer and also seasoned athletes. We have an evaluation system, so everyone makes a team.

FCA CHeer Huddle

We have created a very special program at FCA Cheer that includes monthly "All Team Huddles" and weekly messages for each team. The cheer huddle includes games, music and a special message from one of our ministry directors. We focus on something topical that will speak to the hearts of our athletes. Our mission is to draw our athletes together to form long-lasting friendships that will help build their character and self esteem, while still maintaining ethical and moral values.

FCA Cheer logo

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is an international non-profit Christian sports ministry based in Kansas City, Missouri. FCA was founded in 1954. It has staff offices located throughout the United States and abroad. The purpose of FCA, at its absolute core, is to combine people's passion for sports with their passion for Christ, and teach them that those two worlds don't have to be separate. FCA wants to give meaning to the athletic nature that all of us are born with and use it for something that stretches beyond sports.