About Our Staff

Tami White - FCA Ministry Director, Head Coach

I live in Carlsbad with my husband and two daughters, Haley and Taylor, and a very sweet Labradoodle named Sydney. As my oldest daughter was aging out of Pop Warner, and still wanted to continue to cheer in a competitive program, I began to look for an alternative for her. The majority of what was available was either too far or too expensive, and I really wanted to find something that was faith based. She had come home one day telling me that she got free pizza at a lunch meeting hosted by FCA. I didn't even know what it was until I Googled it. I was so ecstatic when I learned about FCA and what they were all about - and that is when I got the idea to approach them and ask if we could become an FCA sports ministry!... and that's how FCA Cheer San Diego Sports Ministry was born!!!!!

I have been coaching cheer for seven years now, and I absolutely love it! I have taken several courses on coaching and have been able to implement the majority of things that I have learned, not only with my team, but with my coaching partners. I believe I have become more transformational in the lives of my cheerleaders by learning to coach not only the fundamentals of cheer, but also coaching to the heart of these girls from a faith-based perspective. I feel that anyone can teach someone a dance, or how to stunt, but it takes a true professional to teach an athlete how to have confidence, motivation, emotional stability, and develop skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.

I spend the majority of my time volunteering in children's programs and ministry's. I have been a school room mom 5 times, I spent 3 years as a Girl Scout leader, 2 summers with Kids Game's as a small group leader, 3 years as the youth group room mom at North Coast Calvary, 1 year as team manager for competitive soccer, 5 years with Pop Warner and 4 years volunteering for FCA Cheer! Believe it or not, i'm not even tired!!!

My passion for coaching comes from my desire to train up these young women; 1. to be transformational in their OWN world... 2. to learn how to use their sport to engage their potential... 3. to learn to reach out to others and share the message of Christ... and 4. to be a mentor that not only lives by biblical principles but is willing to stand up and fight for what they believe in.

Coaching Qualifications

SDSU Graduate- Bachelor of Science - Psychology - Cum Laude with emphasis in Exercise Physiology
Heads Up -Concussion in Youth Sports Training
First Aid Certified by PREPARE (National Center for Sports Safety)
YCADA certified
CPR certified
NFHS (National Federation of High Schools) Acredited Interscholastic Coach Certified
3-D Coach's Academy Graduate
2009-2010 - Assistant Coach LCCPW Pop Warner
2012-2013 - Assistant Coach LCCPW Pop Warner
2013-2014 - Assistant Coach LCCPW Pop Warner
2014-2015 - Head Coach LCCPW Pop Warner
2015-present -
     FCA Ministry Leader
     FCA Cheer San Diego Ministry Director
     FCA Cheer Head Coach
     FCA Cheer San Diego Program Director
     FCA Certified Huddle Leader

Professional Background

1992 - Present          Licensed Real Estate Broker
2001 - Present          Website Developer
2005 - Present          Owner Virtual Transaction Coordination Services
2006-2009                Co-Founder TIP Academy
2012-2014                Cardiff School District Technology Manager
2012 - Present          California Credentialed Substitute Teacher

Julie Berry Head Coach

I am thrilled to be blessed with the opportunity to coach for the FCA cheerleading program. I have been passionate about cheerleading since I was introduced to it in 8th grade and, after having been away from it for several years, recall being ecstatic when my youngest daughter opted to pursue cheerleading as her sport (no such luck with her two older sisters!). I have been back in the cheerleading community ever since and never plan on looking back. However, both my daughter and I felt there was something left unfulfilled, perhaps a small void, in some of the other programs we experienced. When  Tami approached me 3 years ago seeking guidance on her concept for a Christian cheerleading program I knew instantly that was where God was calling us. To see the grace He has spread upon this program since then is amazing. I am so grateful to be able to help foster the sport of cheerleading in such a nurturing, Christ-centered environment.

Philosophically, I believe that cheerleading is truly a sport, and perhaps more than any other sport it combines grace and athleticism while honing individual skills and teaching lifelong lessons in teamwork, interpersonal relationships, communication, dedication, confidence, responsibility, personal fitness, and so much more.  As a competitive sport, we truly seek to excel, but in doing so we constantly keep in mind that not only are we preparing our young athletes physically for the season, more importantly we are preparing them spiritually for life.  My dream is to combine my medical background with my cheerleading experience to develop a specific ministry within our FCA program for Special Needs youth, allowing them to learn the joy of being on a team and learn the confidence that comes from performing on stage, all within a Christian environment.  I believe that is ultimately why God guided me to this program and I ask for your prayers towards that endeavor. Cheerleading and Cheer Coaching Experience
4 years high school cheerleading including 2 years as captain
YCADA certified cheerleading coach
Pop Warner cheerleading coach for national championship teams
7 years of cheer choreography experience supporting high school, recreational, and competitive level cheer programs
7 years of formal and informal cheerleading advisory and support roles
In-depth knowledge of YCADA, USASF, and  AACCA safety rules and regulations, performance guidelines, and judging rubrics
Formally trained in ballet, jazz, and hip-hop Youth and Community Outreach Experience
FCA approved ministry leader
10 years Girl Scout leader - ranging from Daisy (kindergarten) to Cadette (middle school) level
National Charity League (mother-daughter philanthropy and leadership organization)
NCL Philanthropy Coordinator for LCYO Champions League baseball for Special Needs youth
Extensive school volunteer experience (in-classroom, special events, and for performing arts programs)
Project Access physician - donation of pro bono surgical and non-surgical care for the underserved
Parishioner at St. Johns Catholic Church in Encinitas Professional Background United States Air Force veteran - separated with rank of Major
University of Notre Dame - BS with High Honors, double majors in Biology and English
University of California, San Diego School of Medicine - MD degree, valedictorian
University of Maryland - General Surgery Internship and Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery Residency 
Pediatric & Adult Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgeon  ("Ear, Nose &Throat surgeon") practicing in North County  

Nikki Burchfield- Tumbling Coach

I am 27 years old, originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I have been living in California for about two years, we lived in Okinawa Japan for 3 years prior and also in North Carolina. I married my high school sweetheart who is in the military We have been married for almost 8 years and have a 2 1/2 year old daughter name Rilynn with another little girl on the way. We have two dogs, we are a very outgoing/active family. We enjoy family hikes, going to the zoo, sight seeing, the beach, trying new things, traveling. I started gymnastics when I was 7 and was a level 8 gymnast. I also started Pop Warner cheerleading at age 9 and moved on to all star competitive cheerleading until I was 18. I have coached gymnastics and cheerleading for the past 10 years (ages 3-18).


Kelsey - La Costa Canyon Cheer Team
Dear Coach Tami
I write this letter so that all can know how wonderful you are.  You are truly a woman that I admire and look up too.  Your strength, kindness, compassion and drive is remarkable. You have coached me not to just be a better cheerleader, but a better person as well.Without your fantastic coaching, wonderful personality, and really motivational pep talks I don't think I would ever make the La Costa Canyon cheerleading team. I remember at one of our 1st FCA practices you looked at all of us and said..."Be the kind of woman who when your feet hit the floor in the morning, the Devil says...Oh No, She's Up!!!" I thought that was pretty funny, but also true. I want to do right by God everyday. Sometimes my words and actions are not what I am proud of, but I know God forgives, and I wake up each day ready for great things. I think of you often, when life gets rough. Your positive spirit is so alive in all you do. Your faith in our Lord is unwavering. And you make me want to be a better person. FCA was a perfect fit for me to be on a team with girls who are now my bestfreinds but also while doing the sport I love and getting the wonderful opportunity to learn about my god almighty. So proud of this team and everyone who puts their heart and souls out on the mats. Remember girls Keep your head high,your bow higher, and your confidence highest and that there is always a little girl on a mini team that wants to be just like you, don't disappoint her..I love you lots...Go FCA!!! 

Pam - FCA Parent

Good morning Tami, much love to you for your vision, commitment, time, energy and grace you pour into our girls and this program.  I too love FCA and was teary when watching Avery preform, singing worship songs with her team, looking up to the older girls and her “cheer Buddy” and of course during the awards ceremony.    Her end-to-end smile, abundant joy, and the light in her eyes knowing that she is safe, inspired and growing in her confidence as an athlete is all that a Mom could ask for.  

FCA is also such a great program for families — having our husbands participate (even in all of their own special ways) is a priceless bonding time for us all. 

Thank you again for all that you do!

Joe- FCA Parent

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you ... for your faith, hard work, and perseverance that make all this possible for the girls. This truly is your mission field, and we thank God for your obedience that enables FCA to be such a manifestation of His love towards my daughter..

Lily - La Costa Canyon JV Cheerleader

Coach Tami was always the leader of the team. I always went to her for advice and she was always the person that you could talk to about anything .She helped me learn and thrive as a cheerleader and grow as a person. She made cheer my favorite sport and she was the face I always looked forward to seeing at practice . She helped me learn what it's like to be part of a team and I will forever be thankful for her.

Kayleigh - La Costa Canyon 10th Grader

Coach Tami, you were an amazing coach. You were determined, kind, pushed us to do our best, and believed in us no matter what. You taught us that we have to have faith in our teammates as well as ourselves in order to succeed.