Cheer Training

Flyer Training

Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm

$75 per month

Training Flyers to be their Best!

Whether your flyer has been doing this for years or it’s their very first time in the air, they can all take some advice when it comes to improving! Even the most flexible flyers have room to grow and increase the amount of control they have over their body positions in the air. Like all skills in cheerleading, practice will always make this easier.


The key to really perfecting body positions is to constantly train. Most coaches know that flexibility alone is not enough to keep a flyer in the air. Flyers need muscle control. No matter how flexible your flyers might be, they need to stretch daily to not only keep this flexibility but also to gain muscle memory and strength. If they keep fighting to pull even a low heel stretch, then they will be much more likely to fall.

Even if you have a flyer who seems to compare to a rubber band, have them hold their body positions for as long as they can. These positions will help them build their muscles, as well as teach their bodies how to move without them having to think too hard about it. Work on kicking up heel stretches without using their hands and holding their legs in the air as long as possible. This muscle control will allow them to look sharper in the air!


One of the most important parts about flying is understanding where to stand. Each flyer needs to spend time learning and recognizing how to stand on certain parts of the foot so they can adjust to any grip that the bases may have. It might work to relate the flyer movements to daily movements. For example, tell your flyer that stepping into a lib is a lot like stepping into a big truck. We utilize stunt stands and other equipment to teach important flying skills.


Flexibilty is great, but core strength for a flyer is also important. Flyers need to be flexible without being too weak, have strong legs to stand up fast and a rock hard core to be able to withstand the bobbles and grip changes from the bases below.

Cheer Basics (ages 5-10) - $75 per month

Mondays 10-11 am

Tuesdays 3:30-4:30 pm

Perfect for beginners, as well as those with a basic knowledge of cheerleading moves and motions, these training classes teach the fundamental routines, jumps, and tumbles that every young cheerleader needs to know. Each skill set is broken down thematically, to make sure your cheerleaders develop good habits and proper form for every move. Packed with tips, Cheer Basics is the perfect “How To” that will take young cheerleaders to the next level.