Tumbling Classes


FCA Cheer offers a terrific tumbling program. We have experienced tumbling coaches that are dedicated to help your child reach their goals. Whether they're struggling with cartwheels and round-offs or layouts and back tucks, our coaches will show you what it really takes to be a competitive tumbler for cheerleading. All of the classes are catered to suit each child's individual needs and goals.

Our classes are run as a group lesson and works on perfection of technique of each skill before progressing on to the next skill. The majority of our classes focus on drills with spotting stations to master technique.

Class Descriptions

Level 1 Tumbling: Forward and Backward Roll, Cartwheels, Round Offs, Handstands, Dive Rolls, Bridges, front and back limber, front and back walkover

Level 2 Tumbling: Back and front handsprings, back handsping series,

Level 3/4 Tumbling: Front and back tucks, layouts, fulls, jumps combined with tumbling

Class Schedule